Lingerie Party Planning – Corsets

At the cornerstone of every great lingerie party, and for that matter every great lingerie party planner, is the traditional Corset, click here for the history of the corset .  The origins of the Corset are quite interesting and the corset has now become a very important part of any lingerie wardrobe for any sensual woman.


A corset can be as full bodied as a Lycra Corset With Boning or as petite and simple as a Satin Corset, the key with corset’s is making sure you select the right fit.  This article will help you with your Corset Sizing.


So when you are putting together your wardrobe for your Lingerie Party, make sure you have a selection of Corsets that are steel boned as well as plastic boning as your guests will be able to appreciate the difference when they try them on.



Here is a selection of Corsets for you to consider;

Blushing Red Corset
Blushing Bride White Corset
Red Brocade Corset
Lace Over Corset
Embroidered Satin Corset
Powernet Corset
Fully boned lace over satin corset
Ruffle Edge Corset Set
Blue Victorian Dreams Corset

How to become a Lingerie Party Planner

One of the major reasons you are probably considering becoming a Lingerie Party Planner is because you attended a lingerie party and absolutely loved it! What appeals to you now is making money off something you know you would absolutely love doing.  Hosting a lingerie party is the best way to combine fun while making an income. Get your tips on finding quality Lingerie for introduction.


It is not uncommon among women to discuss lingerie. They wish to try out lingerie that is hot and sexy and compliments their body type. Shopping alone for lingerie makes a woman often rethink her decisions. Wouldn’t it be fun to shop for lingerie with a group of women who will tell you exactly what looks good on you and what does not? Talk about the Secrets of Victoria.

A lingerie party does exactly that. It is a party because it involves a lot of games and dares, but it essentially is an opportunity for women to get together and try out some absolutely fantastic lingerie and place an order for them.


To become a successful lingerie party planner you have to :

  1. Find a reliable company of sexy lingerie which has a wide range of lingerie to choose from. Learn from them about which lingerie is ideal for which body type. Choose lingerie you are confident of selling. It has to appeal to you for you to make it attractive at a party! Talk to the company about it and arrange for them to make it available at the party you are planning
  2. Negotiate your contract. If you are willing to purchase lingerie off their inventory it is going to cost you some. How sure are you that the orders you receive at the lingerie party will compensate for your investment? Some companies offer you incentives on the orders your party generates and do not require you to buy off the lingerie being showcase at the party you are planning


  1. Be creative. Think of how you can make the party fun while selling lingerie. Make your dares edgy and challenging by daring someone to try on a never-seen-before lingerie design. Have games which involve the trying out of various kinds of lingerie. The more the women touch and feel and experience lingerie the more they are going to be inclined to wear it. Let them also know how Lingerie fits to their Skin tone.
  2. Advertise your services. Splash it on ebay and gumtree. Use the online world to your advantage. Let the women know that you want to throw a fun lingerie party for them and you know how to adapt it to an occasion of their choice!

Once you have the basics right, get ready to roll the dice and make some money while having loads of fun!

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What successful skills do I need to be a successful lingerie party planner?

Planning lingerie party sounds like a gallon full of fun. Your mind is instantly filled with pictures of shy women shedding their barriers to try out bold and beautiful lingerie which brings out their hidden confidence. Only if planning a lingerie party was easy as walking into a room full of women with an arm load of satin and laces.

Party Planner

A lingerie party can turn out to be quite a disaster if not executed properly. Sure, you will gain a lot of ‘by word of mouth’ publicity, but not clients. Making a lingerie party fun is entirely your responsibility as a planner of the party. It is your role to present the lingerie in a fun and fashionable way which makes the women attending the party think, “That sounds like something worth trying out!” (Take a reading about Lingerie Party)

Doing this is simpler than you think it is! With a few quick tips, you are well set on the read to make some money while having fun organizing lingerie parties. Get more info about Bridal Lingerie Party here.

Party Planner

Believe in what you do

The truth is, if you don’t believe in what you are selling, nobody is going to believe you either! You have to be convinced that the product you are trying to sell is really as mouth-watering as you make it sound. You really have to believe that corsets trigger a man’s secret sexual desires, if you want to tempt women to buy it as a bold surprise for their husbands or boyfriends. (Understand how lingerie improves your Sexual status)

Discuss. Discuss. Discuss

Talk to the host of the party. Find out what kind of women does she want to invite. Are they all businesswomen? How many of them would be bold and brash? How many would shy away from the idea of a lingerie party? Who does the hostess think is a diva in disguise? Who is the usual attention stealer? Which colors are more popular? What is your hostess comfortable with? Discuss the kind of games you have in mind. For example if you want to dare someone to try out the bold wine-red lingerie with black lace trimmings, who should that person be?

The idea of the party is not to embarrass anybody. It is to show a woman that getting bold with her choice of lingerie can actually trigger a string of exciting events in her life.

Party Planner

Be smart

Dress smart. Sport some of the lingerie you are selling. Not really in the walk-around-in-a-two-piece way, but in a I-am-so-confident-because-I-am-hiding-a-secret way. Smile. Indulge in conversations. All conversations do not have to be about lingerie. Hear women out. Women like to talk about their relationships. Think of how you can include sexy lingerie as a solution to their relationships problem. Connect with your clients. It is always easier to trust advise from someone you think as a friend, than a complete stranger.

Get creative and set the party roaring. Have fun while giving the guests a time of their lives. Make friends and make good money. That’s what lingerie parties are for!

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Advertise and Promote your Lingerie Party Business

Advertise and Promote Your Lingerie Party Planning Business

Sometimes word of mouth just is not filling the seats at your parties fast enough. Do you have all the energy and resources to plan lingerie party after lingerie party but just need the people to invite? Are you socially savvy enough to create warmth and rapport with people you have only just met? Do you have an internet connection? How can I plan more lingerie parties?

Promoting Lingerie Business

If you answered “yes” to all three of the previous questions, it may be time for you to take your hustling skills to online to the community classifieds. Websites like Craigslist, Gumtree, and eBay allow their users to place ads for events and opportunities, in most cases free of charge. Creating an account with any of these community forums is quick and easy, and before you know it you will be connecting with hundreds of people in your own back yard that are just waiting to get their invitation to your lingerie party. The world is full of potential clients, and using sites such as these to find them is as simple as it is risk free.

There are a few things to keep in mind when soliciting persons unknown to you to be guests in your home. Once potential guests and clients contact you, consider the tone and language they use to decide if they are the kind of guest you would invite into your personal space. Under no circumstances should you ever post personal information about yourself in the contents of your classified advertisement: Do not give your full name, your phone number, or your address until you certain that you are inviting the respondent to your sexy lingerie party.

Lingerie Party PromotionWhen writing your community invitation, take the time to liven it up with colorful and creative language. Remember that the reader cannot see your personal excitement and visual cues the way your clients in person can, so put in the effort to compensate for the appeal of your enthusiasm.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should be mindful of spelling and grammar. It makes a difference more than you know, particularly when it is your first impression.

Planning more Lingerie Parties

Particularly in these recent few years of economic downturn, independent contractors and sales persons are all asking the same thing: “How can I plan more lingerie parties?”

Always, the first and best answer is the obvious one: Hustle ( Not Hustler Lingerie lol). The work of an independent contractor is never done, and no matter where you are, you should be keeping your eyes and ears open for potential clients. Do not be afraid to engage with someone if they seem like they may be a promising party guest. Find a way to make that connection. Have cards on hand printed with your information; pass them out to the waitress who looks like she could use a night of fun and relaxation, to the drive-through coffee shop girl who is always talking about her boyfriend, to your mail lady, your veterinarian, your check-out girl, your bank teller, and the lady who walks her dog down your street every afternoon. The more people you approach, the more potential guests you will have.

Lingerie Party PlanningConsider also your address book. Has it been a couple years since you got together with your high school chums or sorority sisters? A lingerie party might be the perfect opportunity for you to all catch up and have a little fun. Go through your collected phone numbers and emails and sort potential invitees into groups. Work to expand each group into a party.

Lingerie Party Planners

Speak with your friends, family, clients, and support network. As them to help you generate guest lists by word of mouth. Challenge them to spread the word about your sexy lingerie parties to at least one new person a day for two weeks. What are friends for, right?

There are also things that you can do at a party to help guarantee more parties in the future. For one, make the party as comfortable and appealing as possible. ( Conservative Lingerie Party Ideas ) Decorate tastefully and serve light snacks and beverages ( What Different Themes Can I Choose From For A Lingerie Party? ) . Always have a door prize for each guest; the gift will remind them of the lovely time they had, and they will tell others of their lingerie party adventure with you ( What Bachelorette Party Games Can I Play? ) .

How to Host a Lingerie Party

You have a guest list and you are ready to start selling products, but are you ready to stage a fun, intimate environment for your new potential clients to ease into? Do you know how to host a lingerie party?

How to Host a Lingerie PartyFirst of all, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. It really takes just a few simple steps to ensure that you have set the perfect atmosphere for creating a great atmosphere and happy customers. Below are the basic responsibilities for hosting your first lingerie party:

  1. Communicate with your sales contact about the tone of the party you are planning to have. Will it be tasteful and demure or free-wheeling and maybe a little naughty? It is good to know before the guests arrive!
  2. Settle on a theme for your party (Lingerie Party Themes). Themes liven up and personalize the party, and they draw the potential buyers together. Opt for more creative themes if you want to generate more interest; sock hop and luau themes are played out, but a fire and ice motif or a period theme have potential for excitement and creativity. Shop for tasteful decorations that will highlight your theme and lend the party an air of continuity and elegance. Consider being on the conservative side for your first party – ( Conservative Lingerie Party Ideas ).
  3. Invite guests. Invite at least twice as many people as you hope will come. Ask for and confirm RSVPs. ( Tips for making Invitations ) ( Lingerie Invitation wording )
  4. Purchase and prepare food and beverages for your guests. Keep in mind that ladies will be trying on intimate apparel, so keep the food light in flavor and substance. Low-carb finger foods and fresh produce are ideal.
  5. Invest in door prizes. Guests who walk away with a little something will be reminded of your party every time they see or use your gift, and that memory can spur a sale. ( What Lingerie Party Games Can I Play? )
  6. Be sure to send thank you cards to all party attendees. Lingerie Party


One of the most invaluable things a lingerie party host can do is to keep up clear and constant communication with their sales person. Trust and take cues from your sales representative and the party should be smooth sailing.

How Much Money Can a Lingerie Party Planner Make?

How Much Money Can a Lingerie Party Planner Make?

As you begin on your journey into career lingerie party planning, you will hear the same thing from virtually every company courting your services as an independent contractor: “Unlimited earning potential!” Each company will doubtless entice you with the promise that the amount of money you could make hosting lingerie parties is limited only by you.

Lingerie Party PlannerIn theory, this is true enough. As an independent contractor whose core business duty is to sell as much product as possible, the amount of money that you make from selling depends entirely on how much you, personally, are able to sell. The questions it is important to ask yourself is, “How much, reasonably, will I be able to sell?”

The income of a lingerie party planner is limited only by that individual’s ability to network. The potential to earn is unlimited for the individual who knows how to gather together people with expendable income and persuade them of her product line. What’s more, the lingerie party planner needs to have a renewable source of buyers. She will have to be on the lookout for new party guests and potential customers all the time in order to keep that earning potential up in the unlimited range.

Lingerie Party IncomeSo yes, in a very technical sense the earning potential for a lingerie party planner is unlimited, but realizing that potential means a great deal of hard work tracking down guests and a commitment to always be selling or ready to sell, here is an article to get you started – Starting your own lingerie party planning business

A well-connected lingerie party planner with an address book full of friends and associates flush with expendable income can make thousands of dollars a month if she is a dedicated and persistent sales person. Ladies who do not have affluent connections will need to apply a bit more elbow grease when it comes to rallying buyers to her parties, but a determined and savvy individual can do very well for herself with a little hustle.

Lingerie Party PlannerDue to how subjective success in the lingerie party planning industry is, it is next to impossible to nail down a precise income figure.  Here are different themes you choose from for a lingerie party.

Starting Your Own Lingerie Party Planning Business

Starting your Own Lingerie Party Planning Business

Lingerie party planning is where it’s at for women looking to start a fun and exciting career in the intimate apparel industry. In-home parties have a personal, social feel that is as comfortable to sell in as it is to shop and purchase. What should you consider before taking the plunge and starting your own career as a lingerie party planner?

Lingerie PartyFirst of all, before you even start looking for the right company and products for you, really consider what the demands of the job will be and if you can meet them. Working as an independent contractor will mean that you will have to personally go after every cent you will make. This means a lot of hustling and a lot of leg-work. Consider your talent for networking and organizing as well as setting dates and schedules and getting people to commit and help spread the word.

Once you are certain that the hosting a sexy lingerie party planning business is the one for you, your next goal is to research companies and find the one or ones with products that you are most comfortable with and excited about selling. You want to work with a product line or lingerie brand that you believe in and that you would be proud to introduce to the people at your lingerie parties. A trusted Australian Lingerie ( Top 5 Websites In Australia To Buy Bridal Lingerie ) provider is and they have a great range of products to choose from.

Lingerie Party Planner SupplierIf you have not heard of the company before, it is a good idea to investigate them thoroughly. The party planning job arena is rife with multi-level marketing schemes that promise quick and easy wealth to sales representatives and virtually always fail to deliver. Beware promises of overnight riches and success.

Once you have settled on a product line and a company, the real work begins. Optimize your opportunities to sell and to fill your parties with buyers. Make calls to everyone you know, send emails, and get your catalogs in circulation with friends and family. Build your life around planning parties until the parties are practically planning themselves. Independent contractors have their work cut out for them establishing a customer base, so do not hesitate to dive in and start selling. It’s your career, now! Check out the online High Heels store

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